Beyond a grasp

Wind Art Festival “moving wind” Zierenberg/Germany

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Can Crusher

The can-experiment installation resembles a spiral.

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Misty Garden

Mist gives every garden a particular splendour - be it ever so small.

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We invent machines, that explain physics. Because our clients assign us to do so, which means there is nothing generic that emerges from our workshop at Effektschmiede.

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Science Fair Ecsite

At this years Ecsite we produce self-made energy sweets. This is not about carnival or halloween, this is about fulgurites. We showed the development of these tubular fulgurites - leaded to an eatable and sugary outcome.

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Fürstliches Gartenfest

The most beautiful castle in Hesse has a wonderful cafe. Sitting on its terrace you can see a little pond which has an old beech tree right next to it.

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Festival Nauke

Of course we also go all in with the little things! When we set off to Belgrade in Mid-December, we had our smallest Tesla coil on board as well as a table version of the Thompson Ring and an electric mini-test-of-courage.

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smart electric symphony

At the "Festival of Lights" in Berlin we shared an outstanding experience: a brand new smart electric drive Models was put in the limelight with four Tesla coils - something the public had never seen before!

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Trevira "Cloud"

Trevira presents the "Trevira City" with the "Cloud of Ideas" at the Orgatec 2016

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"Forest bathing" is good for the soul - according to the Japanese. We agree and give a special radiance to the trees by clouding them in mist.

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Our very first brochure - simply divine!

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10 years Hortvs

Peter Janke has a clear concept for his show garden: he finds the appropriate plant for every position. Now the renowned garden designer is celebrating his anniversary.

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Ecsite Annual Conference 2016

When we arrived in Graz (Austria) we will had some unique items in our luggage: a Tesla coil, a test of courage to make the skin tingle and a keg of Koelsch beer.

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Fascination at the Science Centre

We plan and construct exhibits that astound people. We don’t just build exhibition projects. We tell the story of Nature.

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Schloss Fasanerie

“Nature’s breath” was the name of our fog installation at Schloss Fasanerie.

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We are passing on our knowledge!

In Cooperation with the Handwerkskammer Köln and a handful of other specialists we developed a new masterclass to become a fully licensed Pyrotechnician underlying the law of Explosives in Germany (§20).

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Nature meets Technology and becomes Poetry

We design displays with mist and fire. Professional high-tech systems transform the familiar green park or garden into a poetic dream landscape. At the touch of a button.

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Since the beginning of April, a very special object has been attracting a lot of attention in the gardens of Peter Janke.

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Judith Mann – The World of fine art


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Shell of Dreams

Slide your hand across the handcrafted oaken shell – and sounds, chords and melodies will be heard.

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Art for Public Spaces

We conceive installations which play with the physical phenomena of nature. Fire and water, light and mist, voltage and energy.

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More Print

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New projection screen of mist for wellness spa

10 years ago, the Effektschmiede team installed a projection screen of mist at the Thermal bath Toskana in Bad Schandau and projected large-scale visual effects onto a 14x5 metre area.

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Once again

Same same but different

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Tesla meets Symphony meets Star Wars

For the first time ever, the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra conducted by Torodd Wigum has staged a piece with two Tesla coils functioning as an instrument: “Star Wars.

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Ecsite 2014

Effektschmiede once again made an appearance at the Ecsite Annual Conference.

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Our workshop party and new show room

The work we do is impressive and for some time, we have been interested in acquiring a space in which we could present our high-voltage exhibits to their best advantage.

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High Voltage Invention

Nikola Tesla was without doubt one of the most unusual personalities in the long history of inventors and pioneers.

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Plasma phenomenon

Have you seen the latest research findings on ball lightning?

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Spring of Fire

An astounding alliance – fire and water.

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Traditional Tesla coil SG10 TC

The SG10 TC is a resonant transformer built around an air core, also known as “Tesla coil”.

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Wire Experiment

The wire is fixed to a boom and placed on top of a black box that contains the technology to control and generate high voltage.

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Projection Screen of Mist

A projection screen of mist, an unusual play of colours, shapes and sounds.

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Shell of Dreams – Exponatec 2013, Köln

Slide your hand across the handcrafted oaken shell – and sounds, chords and melodies will be heard.

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Effektschmiede runs Tesla Coils at Metallicas Show

For our Partner aTTI we look after four singing Tesla coils used in the new Metallica shows in Mexico and Canada.

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NOC MUZEJA – Belgrade 2013

The German Embassy invited us to contribute to Belgrade’s „Long night of the museums“ and create a very special installation, right in the heart of the city, where Sava and Danube meet.

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Norway – A Tesla coil for the Far North

Sandnes is a small town in Norway, situated at 15 kilometres south of Stavanger, which offers a very special sight.

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Tesla coil duet – high tension Celebration 2013

On the occasion of the Vienna Technical Museum’s high-voltage exhibition, we got togetherwith the band ”Westinghouse“ and made two Tesla coilsemit flashes of lightning, sounds and song.

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Heavy Electricity Band

Our preparations for Ecsite are in full swing.

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Cherry Bug

Just before the first snow of the year started to fall, we managed to finish our work on a growing “country-art installation” for a private client in southern Germany.

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Effektschmeide at Rationale III in Bonn

Join us at Rationale III in Bonn “Frauenmuseum” between September 2nd and November 11th.

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The Effektschmiede spring project

During the Helleborus days in the gardens of Peter Janke, we set a landscape architecture experiment in motion. We planted and staged a willow circle.

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Solid State Tesla Coils

Via an optical interface, singing Tesla coils receive signals from a keyboard, an iPad, a guitar or an alternative source, causing it to emit arcs modulated by sound.

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Funkenflug Nr.5

Water surrounds us, circles us and yet it remains hidden, behind walls and stones, forced in pipes, swelled and ripped by heating device, it appears only here and there through water tap and shower head.

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